Monday, March 24, 2008

Escape the Fate,wtf is going on?

Well its been a while since the band has told anyone what the deal was going on since the dismissal of former singer Ronnie Radke. ( see what happened here) Well the band has now sent a message letting people and fans whats going on now and in the future.
ETF write:

We know it has been awhile since we have updated you on what we have been up to. So, here it goes: Craig Mabbitt, formerly of Bless The Fall will be filling in temporarily as our singer for the 3 shows we have coming up. Extreme Thing in Vegas, Bamboozle Left in LA, and a killer Phoenix show. Get tickets now as they WILL sell out.

We have not made a decision on who will be our full time front man yet but, we will be making a decision soon and you all will be the first ones to know.

We are currently writing our new record and going into the studio very soon to record it. Look out for updates on recording, tours etc... We will see you all very soon. Come out to the upcoming shows and rock the fuck out.


-Escape The Fate

ahh wikipedia thank you.

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