Tuesday, April 1, 2008

McDreamy and Avon?

I think I speak for every sane girl when I say that this man is flawless.
We loved him in Sweet Home Alabama for his sincere love for the country girl who just want right for him. (and because he looked absolutely amazing)
We, then fell IN love with him in Grey's Anatomy
And in the beginning of the year 2008 it was confirmed that he was going to be Donatella's front man for Versace menswear. I mean, what else could you ask for.
He is now posing for a (as of now) unnamed men's fragrance that launches later this year in November. He signed a multiyear deal with what has been metioned to be worth $5 - $6 million dollars.
“I felt comfortable going with Avon because my wife has such a great relationship with them. I wasn’t going into something blindly,” said Patrick Dempsey.
Avon? Really. I mean they did feature Derek Jeter, and The Hills leading lady, Lauren Conrad, so, is Avon kind of cool now? I don't know. It is a dramatic change to go from Versace to Avon? Oh but wait... did I mention McDreamy's wife, Jillian is Avon's Global Creative Color Director. Hmmmm...
I'm sure she had absolutely nothing to do with convincing gorgeous Patrick Dempsey to pose for Avon.

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