Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My Chem's Gerard Way Speaks on the "Emo" violence in Mexico

We first hear about the violent stand offs against "Emo" kids in Mexico back in March. We posted video so you could see just how ridiculous this is. Now My Chemical Romance's Gerard Way addressed the audience at Zero Fest in Mexico City on Saturday saying. " I want to say something today before we continue. Recently we've been hearing a lot of stuff about some violence here in your country having to do with kids who want to wear black t-shirts....or some kind of bulls stuff like that. We don't want to see any fucking violence. We came here for one reason, and that's to be at the fucking rock show." Personally I think its sad that something that is meant to bring people together and for one of the last forms of enjoyment, is being taken to these extreme measures. I dealt with very similar things growing up but see it was when people were still immature and stupid and we all grew up. People just need up. what do you think? comment.

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