Wednesday, April 9, 2008

RIP Dead to Fall

With their latest album released just a few months ago Dead to Fall have called it quits and it looks like there may have been a fight.
From the Band
Dead to Fall is no more. After 9 years, its time to say good-by.  There really isn't an easy way to say this, but the Dead to Fall machine broke beyond repair this last weekend. I guess the financial, personal, and emotional strains wore some of us down and caused a violent collapse. After a show in Wisconsin Logan and Chad quit this past weekend. I wont go into the whole "behind the music band break up scenario" but it was a night filled with retarded actions and words. the rest of us don't want to go through yet another major lineup change and really are just ready for a new chapter in our lives. The Super Massive Fist tour with Impending Doom, Arsonists Get All the Girls, and Sea of Treachery is continuing on without us. We have no idea if we are going to play a last show or not, but at this point there is nothing planned. Its all so surreal, I have spent a good portion of my life touring in DTF and life without it is going to be.... interesting. Its like breaking up with 4 girlfriends you work with the day your place of employment burns down. I'm going to miss it for sure.  Keep your eyes open for future projects from all of us, and make sure you go to the super massive fisting tour and check it out. 

-Jon Hunt

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