Thursday, June 19, 2008

New Slipknot single available for Free

The long awaited follow up to Vol.3(subliminal Verses) is almost here; August 26 to be exact. Now with the band headlining the first Mayhem Festival and a current spred in Revolver Magazine, fans are drooling for more and they are about to get it. Starting tomorrow (June 20) Slipknot will release their new single "All Hope Is Gone" for free download at the roadrunner rec. site.

Here is what drummer Joey Jordison had to say

"'All Hope Is Gone' is a classic-style Slipknot track pure and simple, but this fucker is jacked up a few thousand volts!" drummer Joey Jordison told Kerrang! "The song, music and theme speak for itself. It's a song about the world at stake: all the situations at hand, be it personal or worldly, and trying to turn things into a positive. Sometimes you have to face the grotesque to bring about something amazing."

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