Saturday, July 12, 2008

Academy Is... Track listing

01) About A Girl
02) Summer Hair = Forever Young
03) His Girl Friday
04) The Test
05) Rumored Nights
06) Automatic Eyes
07) Crowded Room
08) Coppertone
09) After The Last Midtown Show
10) Beware! Cougar!
11) Paper Chase
12) One More Weekend

and of course there is a leak of some of the songs on the internet. What do you think of the album so far? Tell us in the comments


Chance said...

uhh, could u possibly point me towards a link of some new songs. i havent heard anything about a leak.

hardxcouture said...

sorry looks like the took the site that had some up down already. Check file sharing programs like Ares, soulseek.