Monday, September 29, 2008

From First To Last drop off Tour

If you were hoping to catch FFTL soon well then you may already know ( maybe not) but the have dropped of the tour. The band had this to say on their myspace blog.

Since Matt Manning has to deal with some legal issues back in the homeland we have to drop off the remaining 7 shows with Scary Kids and Finch. Which is Florida, Louisiana, and Texas. We are extremely bummed because this tour has been such an awesome time. We've made some really good friends and had some great shows, so it is very upsetting to us that we have to leave. But Matt Manning is going to take care of all the bulllshit.

Once again we are so sorry to all the people that were looking forward to the show but we will make it up to you soon. You should all go to the show regardless because all the bands on it are fucking sick and make for a great time.

we love you guys. and we will see you soon.
The UK tour is not cancelled FYI

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