Monday, September 8, 2008

keith Buckley view on VMAs

While I don't claim to hold any stringent allegiance to what main stream media channels offer me, I wont pretend that I am completely immune to its influences. Only vapid indie hipsters who imagine that they are so far removed from popular culture as to maintain a staunch indifference to its pervasiveness declare this absurdity. Yes guys I understand. You love JUSTICE and new balance sneakers and organic foods and denying the origin of any of your cliché ideas for a song. But the truth is, creativity comes not only from an awareness of influences but from a study of how they offend you. if it weren't for MTV award shows there would be no music devoted to its undoing. There would be no antiplots and miniplots and archplots that make direction and story writing what it is. If I didn't hate METRO STATION as much as I do I would never fully appreciate the brilliance of true music played by musicians. I am proud to be a part of a culture that will not make a countdown on a local radio station. And if I do, then it is under the same pretense that that creepy asshole in glasses came into the Emersons house in The Lost Boys. Get the invitation, then ruin all you come into contact with. Maybe one day ill be invited into the "House Of All The Rage". But if I am, I promise I'm bringing my bloodsucking friends with me. See you on tour.

What did you think of the VMAs?


Anonymous said...

omg the VMAs are getting so bad. I mean the acts aren't going all out like before and the host was annoying and even the celebs were dumb!

Anonymous said...

haha I know what you mean. Demi moore walked out without a microphone and some one came right out on stage to give her one. and the camera would keep rolling and you could here ppl talking.