Thursday, May 8, 2008

Alesana say no to fueding with Jeffree Star

So the words are flying between the fans of Jeffree Star and metal act Alesana. Haven't heard whats going on? Well the word is according to Mr., or is it Miss, Star; Alesana bad mouthed him and his band at bamboozle. BUT Alesana issued this statment today.

"today is a sad day.i do not even know where to begin on this issue. for anyone who knows us, has worked with us, has toured with us, or has met us at shows does not even have to read this because they know the kind of people that comprise alesana.i will not resort to childish name calling. i will not use any profanity. i will not insult anyone. it is sad and dissapointing that i even have to sit here and write this i logged into our myspace in hopes of talking to fans about our new song that we posted. instead, i was buried in hate mail concerning a bulletin posted by jeffree starr.for those of you who were fortunate enough and did not have to see it, i'll sum it up for you. he says that we slandered him at bamboozle. somehow amidst the cold and the rain, 2 scheduled meet and greets, seeing our friends and family, and preparing to play he insists that we managed to concern ourselves with taking the time to "talk trash" on him and his performance. this may sound surprising, but we have more important things to do with our time, especially at an event as important as bamboozle. in fact, i spoke with Ryan (formerly of I Am Ghost, currently the drummer for Jeffree Starr) at lunch that same day. he and our band became friends on last years warped tour. i even told him i looked forward to seeing him play with his new band.i am completely aware that people are going to draw their own conclusions in this whole fabricated mess. i am not here to tell you what to believe. i am simply here to tell you that until 7:00 central time tonight we had no idea that this problem even existed. we did not slander jeffree starr in any way, shape, or form. if you doubt our honesty, ask any band that we have ever toured with as to the kinds of people we are. we live with a positive mental attitude and give thanks everyday to be priveleged enough to be a part of the music scene. never have we, or will we ever, bring other people down to make ourselves feel or look better. we always take the good with the our fans who are defending us in this matter, we really appreciate it but please do not attack jeffree starr any further. it helps the situation none to sink down to the level that his bulletin has already left us all the people who are attacking us, feel free to do so. we know that none of what was said is true and that is what matters to us. we know we are good people...and if you honestly stop listening to our music because of an unwarranted, slanderous attack made on us via myspace bulletin...then we are sorry to lose you as a all of our fans, we love you...thank you for the continued love and support...and we are sorry that your day had to be ruined by this childish behavior.we will see you at the warped tour!!"

xoxo shawn and alesana

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thats retarded