Tuesday, May 6, 2008

New Escape the Fate Singer

Ooook. SO Escape the Fate have announced their new singer and their announcement of going into the studio, BUT if you were a big fan (or just listen/read music news) you already knew that their singer is Craig Mabbit formerly of Blessthefall.  I mean its just weird because they already let us know he was with them as soon as Ronnie Radke was out. But the guys still tried to build up hype for this, ok guys give us something more.  Also Mabbit who left blessthefall because he missed home and the road took its toll on him, is now in a band again. WTF? Mabbit was quoted saying this " I'm excited to have the opportunity to continue making music with a group of amazing people. I am loving what's coming out of us in the studio right now and things couldn't be going better. Escape the Fate is taking over the world, so buckle your seat belts, 'Cuase we're here to stay." Rake also had a performance with BlesstheFall in Vegas during their Taste of Chaos set.Wierd... But we here loved ETF before so we hope to hear some new great music soon. 

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