Thursday, July 24, 2008

Craig Owens Attempts Suicide

Chiodos front man Craig Owens is being checked
into a mental clinic starting tomorrow at 8 am,
after a failed suicide attempt on July 20.An entry
on the Chiodos website was recently removed,but here's
what it originally read:

"so, after an attempted overdose early yesterday morning, i found myself awake in the emergency room around 8 - 12 hours later.

however, don’t worry about me, i’m fine. i am being checked into a mental clinic beginning tomorrow at 8 am.

i’d like to apologize to everyone at Power Chord Academy, for me not being able to make it to speak to all of the kids tomorrow in Chicago. i promise to make it up, the best that i can and hopefully will be able to reschedule the entire event.

wish me luck, and let’s hope that i learn from this, and that i am able get out very soon.


We wish Craig and Chiodos the best of luck.

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Anonymous said...

That's so sad..