Sunday, April 6, 2008

Interview with Treaty of Paris' Dan

How is the tour so far?
"It's going really well I think we were hoping it would go well and its going way better than we anticipated, we are winning over new fans every night, playing great crowds and getting along with all the bands, you couldn't ask for a better tour."

More importantly how was the Austin show lol ?
"That was one of our favorite tours on the whole shows. We had been to Emo's previously, we went to SXSW last year, it was a venue we were all excited about playing one day so when we actually played that it was kinda our real goal to play [ Emo's] venue. It was fun the whole format of half indoors half out doors. We really enjoyed the Austin show a lot. As far as the audience reception and CD's we sold was really well."

I hear about you guys more and more how is that?
"Well first of all we are ecstatic to know that more and more people are hearing about and talking about our band. Its always a real pleasure when we talk to people and they don't know who we are and we say "oh we are in Treaty of Paris" they are like oh we heard of you or I have seen your band, that makes us happy."

How well do you keep in tour with your fans?
"As far staying touch with our fans we try and stay really accessible to anyone who wants to try and get a hold of us, our myspace profiles and personal profiles are accessible through the bands myspace. We check our myspace ourselves and write back to every single person that emails us, we leave comments for people and all that. We have our screen names up on the site and we will go on aim and talk to the fans. We want to know what they're thinking, we want to know whatever questions they want to ask us."

I can see that with you guys doing that now.

Since we are a fashion/music site. Is there a place that you have to go shop or stop by?
"A lot of times when we have a day off and don't have too much to do we almost always find a bowling ally to go bowling at night, which is actually what we did last night. There was also an Urban Outfitters near the area and we all shop there, so if there is an Urban Outfitters then one of us if not all of us will try to stop by there and get some clothes and we also like stopping at thrifts stores and if there is an American Apparel then I probably will stop there."

Did you get to go to the ones here in Austin?
"We really didn't get a chance to shop, we played the show and just ate at Best Worst."

What do you guys like to bring on tour, like something you can't leave home without?
"I know all of us are all wired to the internet. So we all have our laptops and that's pretty much a must have for messages and we are constantly taking video with our little cannon power shot cameras, and we are constantly taking video of our selves whether its our merch guy Mike taking footage of us playing or us just goofing around, every week we are uploading our footage."

Is there a band that you would love to tour/play with?
"Yea sure, right now we are just trying to stay on the road and tour as much as possible so pretty much any band that is tour we will tour with but our fantasy tour would be, we are all huge fans of Jacks Mannequin, we love to tour with Andrew and those guys at some point. Honestly these last two tours with spill canvas have been great, they are great guys we love touring with them and Play Radio Play. We played with Motion City Soundtrack and we are huge fans of them so its always fun to open for them and then go watch their set and we get all geeked out."

Where do you find inspiration?
"It's very mixed, we are all into very different stuff. I know we were all at our hotel and we were all on a big kick of listening to old Sevendust records so we were all trading the songs around going through the tracks we like. Our drummer Chris is really into Everytime I die so he is trying to get us into that, I am into this new record from Kate Nash, its really good. as far as up and coming stuff we all really like The Rocket Summer, Thrice, Say Anything all that kind of stuff."

Right now, what are you listening to on your ipod?
"Last time I was listening to the new Play Radio Play record, Dan from Play Radio Play gave us all the record and we are all becoming fans of it. I have been on this nirvana kick, listening to alot of In Utero."

I know your album came out in September, are you guys going to keep touring for it or hit the studio soon, have you guys already started writing?
"Yea we have already writing songs for the new record, its kinda like a constant process. As soon as we got back form recording last summer we pretty much started writing and came up with new ideas to build up our song bank so we can have alot of choices for the new record which we will probably start recording next year. Right now the main focus is just promoting this record touring and touring just staying on the road as long as possible winning over more and more people with our live show since that seems to be working the best."

This is fairly new blog site, any words of wisdom?
"I am glad you didn't ask the typically "how did you get your band name thing" so I really appreciate that. There is so much time on the road when your waiting around doing nothing so when we get to do interviews it always fun when the questions are fun and and creative. Because we are all sitting in a van 24/7 so we are all kind of loosing our minds so anything to lighten the mood is cool and fun. So keep the questions light and fun."

Any last words.
"Thanks for checking out the interview and check out our myspace at"

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