Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Opeth Album Artwork and Track listing

If you haven't already heard of Opeth then I suggest you go out and buy "Black water Park","Damnation" and "Ghost Revieries" Now!!!! Their new album "Watershed" is scheduled to release here in the U.S. on June 3 but a day earlier internationally. The album is produced by Mikael Akerfeldt, who is the frontman/guitarist, and Jens Bogren. In fact there are some covers on this album as well as brand new tracks. The covers include "Bridge of Sighs" from Robin Tower, "Den Standiga Resan" (swedish) and "Would?" by Alice in Chains.

01. Coil
02. Heir Apparent
03. The Lotus Eater
04. Burden
05. Porcelain Heart
06. Hessian Peel
07. Hex Omega

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